Investor Sentiment Index

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Manulife’s Investor Sentiment Index (Manulife ISI) is a quarterly, proprietary survey measuring and tracking investors’ (public’s) views across eight markets in Asia on their attitudes towards key asset classes and investment such as property, cash, stock, multi-funds.

This quarterly survey serves as a reference to educate the public about financial knowledge and how best to provide public education.

Manulife is now in the process of launching the 11th Sentiment survey and FH Indonesia has been supporting Manulife since the launch of the 3rd Sentiment Index. Our team works to develop media friendly materials which are derived from complicated financial jargon.

The challenge is to maintain the PR value to be on top of the 8 markets, while the national media landscape is changing. Media outlets are becoming fewer every year, thus the strategy is to expand the communications beyond finance & business media.

This year FH will fine-tune all messages so they are appropriate for general media, lifestyle and women. We have also worked with the Manulife team to add some local flavor to the messages, and to   facilitate a series of media workshops in 5 big cities.

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